All in Good Beer: A “Not Your Average Date” at a Local Brewery

As I try to get better at keeping up with my posts in a timely manner, I am spending a lot of time at work again. It’s our peak season, so there may be some gaps here and there. However, this date was how my husband and I closed out our “Staycation” this year, and it happened at a perfect time.

A couple of weeks ago, Jeremy and I had our first “Staycation” this year, during which we were able to get a lot of rest and finally get to go on some pretty fun dates. I have already posted about our Rock Climbing/book buying adventure in Dallas, but the other great date we were able to go on was in our own town, Tyler, TX. We went to True Vine Brewing Company’s Open Taps event the day after Jeremy’s birthday and it was pretty darn fun! For those who don’t know, True Vine is the first craft brewery in Tyler that sort of popped up, officially, just a couple of years ago. They brew some outstanding beers and have been serving them out of their back yard during their Open Taps events. Open Taps is generally held every last Saturday of the month and it is definitely worth the wait, if you’re already a fan or if you’re dying to try it out. You can actually buy tickets to it in advance via Eventbrite for about $10/person (which gets you a glass and 2 beer tokens to try whatever brew you want). At the door, tickets go up to $15/person and the glasses can’t be guaranteed.

Moving on to what happens when you’re in. Picture it: a gravel yard, covered with huge shade trees, picnic tables and what can be described as a quaint “ice house” to grab your beer from. This small brewery in Northern Tyler plays host to an Open Taps event that attracts hundreds of people from the area. They always have some great music going from local bands and they host booths for a couple of local vendors with stuff to sell. They also invite a food truck to come out and feed their patrons and sop up the delicious beer. While we’re talking about the beer, let me tell you that I try a lot of different craft beers…and these guys are good. You can tell that they know what they are doing and that they have put their blood, sweat, and tears into every batch. I tried their #1 brew called “Mermaids and Unicorns”, which was magical. I also tried one of their beers that was seasonal (I’m struggling to remember the name), that equated to that of a Blue Moon (an orange wedge would have been the only thing I would have added to that one). Jeremy enjoyed a couple of pints of their Sanctamonium (a little hoppy/bitey for my taste, but the other notes in this brew were pretty good). We had also brought my brother and my sister-in-law out with us from Oklahoma and they were just as pleased with their selections. My brother commented on being impressed that a once dry-county like Tyler could have such a good local brewery now. I agree, whole-heartedly. This is definitely an event that I will go to again. The owners of this brewery are amazing people, who love what they do and they love the community that they are in. I sincerely hope they are around for a very long time, indeed.

If you’d like to know a bit more about True Vine Brewing Company, definitely look them up on Facebook! Keep an eye out for Open Taps and other events at their charming brewery, and also at Brookshire’s Fresh for their cans!

I only have one, really great picture to share from Open Taps, and that’s of my husband, the birthday boy, enjoying the brewery tour.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

With Love, From ETX,