Reset, Re-brand, Refresh…I’m due for a serious Redo!

Hello, everyone. I am going to start by saying that, if there is anyone who has been following me since my Blogging 101 class, thank you. Thank you for reading, following and sticking around. I am struggling to really find my stride with writing, lately, and I hope to eventually find myself in all of this. So, I’ve asked myself a couple of questions about this whole blogging thing:

1.) Should I just hit “Reset” and start all over from scratch? Or….

2.)Should I keep this site and just have an overall re-branding? Or….

3.)Should I refresh my initial plans and just add on a couple of new segments?

I’m in such a dilemma because I am interested in so many things, that I don’t particularly have a “niche” or anything I’m really “known for”. I don’t have a thing. I dabble a little in a lot of things, but I don’t particularly have a specialty and I never really have. So, I want to definitely keep this place organized, but I’m still not going to have just one thing that I talk about. I have some questions I need to answer, but I’ll try to keep posting or at least try to get myself organized with some good content…no matter how scatter-brained it may be. Thank you for your patience, everyone. And if you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments section.