Somewhere Between

It’s been another long stint since my last post…and I’m sorry to anyone who actually reads this. It’s not that I’m bad at commitment, I think I just get too bored too fast with projects that I start and am not the most in love with. I love some of my posts on here, don’t love my concept. The issue is more than likely…me. I don’t really know what I want in life, I just know that I want to be happy and healthy. Usually, as Spring Break rolls around (yes, I still get Spring Break because I work for a school) I start a new project and feel inspired. So, there’s that to hope for.

What are some of your hobbies? Like, what do you feel passionate about doing? Do you just LOVE doing something and feel incomplete without it?

That’s great….but I don’t. I don’t have anything that really sets me apart or gives me an “identity”. I don’t have any titles like “That Yoga Girl” or “Great Cook” or anything like that. I am a chameleon who is into a lot of things, but nothing defines me and I don’t define anything either. I’ve struggled with this since I stopped dancing and doing color guard 7 years ago. So, I’ve essentially been this nomad in a desert where I have yet to find an Oasis that is my “Calling”. I’m confident that I have a very distinct personality and therefor I am a person because of it…but the other piece is missing. I have a job, not a career. I exercise, but I’m not specifically associated with one type of exercise or another.

Next question: If you have a niche, how did you find it? How did you just KNOW that was part of what makes you…you?

Let me know in the comments.


With Love, From ETX.