Starting a Resolution….

Happy New Year, everyone! As promised from yesterday, I have finally thought of my resolutions for 2016. I’ve had a lot of time to think about them and really tried to give myself some attainable goals. I never make more than 4-6 each year, because I have some smaller short term goals that fill in the gaps. So, without further ado, here are my big goals for 2016.

  1. Be Happy. Now, this one is going to be seem a little vague and very broad, but I really need to work on this. I think that being happy, in most cases, is a choice. I haven’t spent a lot of time being happy in recent years because I was trying to get a good job or trying to look too perfect or keeping up appearances for others. All of that stress led me to a downward spiral in mood in 2013 and 2014 and kept me in a more numb state in 2015. I want to work on having a more positive mindset while maintaining my realism. I plan on supplementing this with meditation and continuing therapy for now, as well as using some of my other goals and strategies below.
  2. Work on my health. Now, losing a bit of weight and getting into shape is a part of this, but it’s not the whole thing. I was recently diagnosed with Hypertension (very high blood pressure, in case you didn’t know) and I want to get back down into normal levels. I am 26 with a medical issue that should not be taken lightly or allowed to get worse. If it does get worse, I’m at a high risk for heart attack or stroke…and I’m not about that right now. To curb that, one of the best things I can do is exercise and eat right (less sodium rich food). A sub goal for getting healthy is that I would like to participate in 5 active events; be it 5k runs or a cycling challenge. I think having these goals within my overall health goal for the year will help me accomplish more and stay on task with my health.
  3. Spending more quality time with my husband. I know we’re getting into the big, vague, cliche resolutions here, but hear me out. My husband and I absolutely do love each other. However, we are both very career driven and spend a lot of time with work-related items and agendas. A huge goal for us is to have more quality dates. While a movie and dinner is not a bad date, it doesn’t allow for much interaction between the two of us. Nor does it allow us to really blow off any steam from all of our work stresses. We have both made this goal for 2016 in order to reconnect. Every month we will come up with some date ideas and look for a good time to try it out. This month, we’ve come up with a date to kick off the new year by going to the Tiger Creek Big Cat Refuge (which I will review over the weekend) on the 2nd to check out the tigers and learn more about endangered species conservation efforts. After that, we will be going out to shoot skeet on a friend’s property. We are making for a date that includes something I like (tigers) and something he likes (guns…but he also likes tigers, so no big game shooters here). It’s a win win and something that we are looking forward to upholding this year.
  4. Cooking more at home. I actually do love to cook, however, we have been spoiled by the accessibility to many restaurants and their convenience. The bad part is, those places end up costing us quite a lot throughout the year. So, we are looking at a way to cut costs AND be able to control how and what we eat. It will help us be healthy and save a little extra cash as well. I would like to try one new big recipe a week and also become an expert lunch packer from home.
  5. Finally, document my life better. Now, I don’t mean that I think I should plaster all of what I do on social media. I mean, I would like to have maybe some more pictures, or write daily in my personal journal. I want to have memories to look back on physically as well as what I have saved on my mental hard drive. This also goes for my blogging and trying to get more consistent with my posts.

So, as this is Feel Good Friday as well, I wanted to share quickly that I have had a wonderful day spent with my husband and dog. I was also glad to find out that my wonderful Dallas Stars hockey team is on top of the NHL again. And I have an adorable quote to share from Kung Fu Panda, that always makes me feel good and it always makes sense:

“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift…that is why it is called ‘present’.” 

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my post. I appreciate your support, even if there aren’t very many of you yet. ‘Til next time, y’all!



I am quite under the weather today and didn’t think it very smart to go out in the cold to see the tigers. That date will be rescheduled and I can’t wait to let you guys know about how it went. Sorry for anyone expecting the review.